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Empowering institutions with tailored 3D learning environments, ADIM specializes in creating interactive simulations designed to meet the specific needs of educators and learners. Our solutions focus on enhancing engagement, streamlining training processes, and accelerating the path to educational excellence.

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Interactive Simulations

Engage learners with hands-on experiences. Our 3D simulations turn complex concepts into easy-to-grasp, memorable activities. Students can explore and experiment in a safe, virtual space, making learning interactive and fun.


AI Personas

Experience lifelike interactions with 3D avatar-based AI personas. AI personas provide personalized feedback and support, helping learners develop communication skills and navigate complex scenarios in a realistic way.


Virtual Reality Expeditions

Step into a world where learning transcends the boundaries of the classroom. We offer unparalleled immersive experiences that bring complex subjects to life. Whether exploring the intricate ecosystems of the Amazon rainforest or walking through historical events, VR journeys are designed to enhance understanding, ignite curiosity, and foster a deeper connection with the material.


Customize, build, and deploy across PC, VR, and mobile platforms.

You imagine. We create.

Unlock the potential of your educational programs with ADIM's advanced 3D simulations. We transform your vision into reality with customizable and immersive content designed to enrich learning experiences. Elevate your educational offerings with solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your learners.

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Our Process


Discover Your Needs

We start by deeply understanding your educational goals and challenges. Through detailed discussions, we precisely identify your needs, setting the stage for tailored solutions.


Tailor-Made Solutions

With the insights gathered, we meticulously design and customize our educational tools to align seamlessly with your objectives, ensuring they meet your exact needs.


Seamless Integration

Our team ensures the integration of our solutions into your existing systems is smooth and efficient, minimizing disruption and optimizing performance.


Empower Your Team

Following implementation, we offer comprehensive training and continuous support to your team, ensuring they harness the full potential of our technologies.


Evolve and Enhance

Embracing continuous improvement, we commit to refining and enhancing our solutions alongside your evolving needs and advancing technologies.

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What services does ADIM offer?

ADIM specializes in 3D educational simulations that enhance training and learning across various domains, including soft skills development, tailored specifically for institutions committed to educational excellence.

Who can benefit from ADIM's 3D simulations?

Our 3D simulations are ideal for educational institutions, corporate companies, and EdTech firms looking to enhance their training programs with interactive, customizable content.

How do ADIM's simulations improve training and learning?

Our simulations enhance learning by providing immersive, interactive experiences that increase engagement, equip educators with innovative tools, and accelerate the achievement of learning outcomes.

What makes ADIM unique in the field of educational technology?

ADIM differentiates itself by offering realistic, narrative-driven and adaptable simulations that are fully customizable to address specific educational challenges, making each learning experience unique and effective.

Can ADIM's 3D solutions be tailored to specific educational needs?

Absolutely, our 3D solutions are designed to be highly adaptable, allowing for customization to meet the specific educational and training goals of each client.

How can organizations start using ADIM's services?

Getting started with ADIM is simple. Reach out to us via our website to schedule a detailed consultation, where we can tailor our 3D simulation solutions to your specific requirements.

What technical requirements are needed to implement ADIM’s simulations?

Our simulations require a standard computing setup with internet access. Specific hardware or software requirements depend on the scale and complexity of the simulation. We provide detailed guidelines and support to ensure a smooth implementation.